Mythbusters – Spy Car Revenge Review

‘Adam and Jamie hit up another Spy Car Myth and Kari, Tory and Grant check out another Snow related myth.’


I’ve been looking forward to this episode since it was announced that they’d be revisiting the Spy Cars. The first Spy Car episode was a lot of fun, and I was really l excited to see what gadgets the guys could come up with this time.

Adam and Jamie didn’t disappoint. While the first Spy Car episode focused on gadgets that would help a spy to escape, this one stepped things up a notch by focusing on offensive weapons. There are dozens of different movie devices they could have used; but they decided to focus on just two for this episode – tyre spikes and machine guns.

First up was the tyre spikes. Specifically, the tyre spikes from the James Bond movie Goldfinger, and the spikes from the recent Green Hornet movie. It was pretty cool to see the ridiculous spikes completely tearing up the side of a car. They did a surprising amount of damage. The Green Hornet spikes were especially brutal, tearing up the metal on the side of the victim car like a blender with a banana.

Being the Mythbusters, they had to improve on the design. I always love it when Jamie’s inner evil genius comes out to play, and he was particularly brilliant on this occasion. His take on the tyre spike (nicknamed The Slasher) was absolutely devastating. Not only did it absolutely destroy the side of the victim car, it completely ripped the front tyre off! Ah, Evil Jamie.

Second up was bonnet mounted machine guns. The contention was that being fixed to the bonnet of the car, machine guns would be extremely difficult to aim. So they decided to test both a fixed and an aimable version of the guns.Watching Adam rig up a controllable paintball machine gun on the bonnet of a car was pretty awesome. Laughing maniacally he spoke the truth when he said ‘You SO wish you were me right now!’

Both versions of the gun were extremely effective, but the aimable version really took the prize. Adam seemed to have way too much fun shooting Jamie in the head. It was a good day for the dark side all round.

The second myth was another viral video. The particular video involved shooting a bullet into ice that would then spin in place. This one was filler. I kept finding myself wanting to be able to fast forward to the next Spy Car segment. I felt a little sorry for the secondary team on this one. While the Spy Car segment made it seem like these guys have the best job in the world, this segment showed how hard and tedious it could actually be. In fact, watching the process of testing the myth and the conditions they have to put up with was far more interesting than the actual myth itself.

What I Liked – Everything from the Spy Car Segment. It was all just one massive Big Boys Toys fantasy.

What I Didn’t Like – The Spinning Bullet Segment. It was time that could have been better used on more Spy Car stuff.

Rating – 3 out of 5 (Average)

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