Eureka – Glimpse Review

Jo receives a technical boost to her duties with lenses that predict security breaches. Allison’s headaches won’t go away so Carter plans a vacation. Fargo, meanwhile, deals with an onslaught of volunteers when he announces a space mission with room for civilians.

Eureka continues on its hot streak with yet another fun, reference filled episode. Like last week’s excellent Reprise, Glimpse manages to tick all the boxes that make Eureka such a fun show to watch. The writers seem to have really embraced their inner geeks throwing film and comic references in at every opportunity.

Relationships are once again front and centre in this episode. Carter and Allison are settling into domesticity, but soon enough the opportunity of a lifetime for Allison comes along and threatens to spoil things. I really like the angle that the writers are taking here. Rather than the constant ‘will they, won’t they’ aspect of their relationship we saw before they finally hooked up, we’re really seeing a much more meaningful relationships where their own wants and needs get in the way of their happiness. Rather than ruining things by removing the sexual tension, the writers have created a far more interesting scenario that feels true to the characters.

Jo and Zane’s fiery relationship is moving along nicely as well. Now that Jo has rekindled that passion that disappeared with the original timeline, she’s remembering exactly why things were so problematic between her and Zane. This is a great relationship to watch, these two have a great chemistry and there are so many things that can go wrong. It’s like watching a car race while waiting for the crashes, you can’t turn away.

Jo and Zane

It's Eureka, of course there's going to be a disaster.

And finally on the relationship track, we have the budding romance between Fargo and Holly, as well as the beginnings of the upcoming love triangle involving Dr Parrish (Wil Wheaton). All three of these characters are wonderful on-screen, and it was nice to see that they won’t be taking the easy route by just throwing them together for comic relief. Fargo is developing nicely as a character, showing a great deal of maturity without losing the naive silliness that made his character. Felicia Day is once again perfect as Holly, and Wil Wheaton’s Parrish is the character that you love to hate.

Fargo and Holly

Aren't they cute together?

Eureka continues to show why it’s such a joy to watch. We have a world that doesn’t take itself too seriously, populated by fantastic characters. I’m really looking forward to next week.

What I Liked – Every relationship felt really true to the characters. The references were a lot of fun.

What I Didn’t Like – Stan Lee’s Cameo felt a little forced. The hint dropping about the Beverly storyline felt a little obvious.

Rating – 4 out of 5 (Really Enjoyable)

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