Alphas – Cause and Effect Review

Rosen tries to cope with his Department of Defense liaison and a former Alpha patient who wants him dead… or does he?

Alphas - Cause and Effect

After a pretty solid pilot the pressure was on for Alphas to show that it could keep things interesting, there have been many shows over the years that set up an interesting concept but couldn’t follow through. Thankfully Cause and Effect not only keeps things interesting, but sets up what looks to be one of the major conflicts of the series.

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Alphas – Pilot Review

When a grocery clerk commits an impossible assassination, the government calls in Dr. Leigh Rosen and his team of “Alphas”: unique individuals with neurological mutations that give them special abilities. The team must determine who the killer is and track him down, but soon discover that a greater plan is in motion.

I was very ambivalent about Alphas when I first heard about it, the premise sounded like a cross between Heroes and CSI, both of which started out very interesting but quickly ran out of steam. Heroes collapsed under the weight of its convoluted backstory after a fantastic first season, and CSI quickly became very repetitive. While I don’t know how Alphas will fare in the long run, the first episode definitely shows some promise.

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