Falling Skies – Grace Review

Tom and Hal lead a team to find more motorcycles for the 2nd Mass after Pope provides details on where they can be found. Back at the high school where they’ve set up base Dr. Harris and Anne disagree over the best tactic to gather more intelligence on the aliens.

Falling Skies - Grace

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This episode should have been a lot more interesting than it was. We started learning more about the aliens and the nature of the harness devices, there was a chance for more action in another resistance raid, and Hal is now dealing with his own guilt over what happened in the previous episode.

They had all of that great material to work with, but once again Falling Skies delivers 40 minutes of very average television. Every time it looked like things were about to get more interesting the pace settled back down into plodding through the story. Once again, there were clear goals in this particular episode, but no indication of overall goals that should be driving these people.

The writers are in a tough spot here. I get that they are trying to convey that these characters are just trying to survive in the day-to-day reality of their situation and don’t have time to plan big offensives, but we all know that it’s coming soon and we need to be reassured that it’s actually going to happen. I love a slow burn series, but it’s a tried and true rule of plotting that you put some of the really interesting stuff up first so that your audience will stick around with you for the rest of the season. Once you’ve got the audience hooked, you can start delving into the characters and the world to make the audience care more when the really big stuff happens.

But all we’ve been seeing is the character and world building, and it hasn’t even been that effective. If you’re going to have lots of very small reveals, then you need something in between to keep things interesting, but there isn’t any of that on display here. I like the characters and the setting that they’ve established, but I’m finding it hard to stay interested when they insist on only dribbling out information.

Overall, this episode was of similar quality to the previous episodes, but I’m really disappointed that they didn’t capitalise on all the interesting possibilities that they’ve been setting up. I will stick with this series and give it a chance, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of other people won’t. Falling Skies is really going to have to improve soon if it doesn’t want to fade into obscurity.

What I Liked – It seems like we might start learning more about the aliens soon.

What I Didn’t Like – Still not going anywhere. Lots of missed opportunities.

Rating – 2 out of 5 (Disappointing)

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