Boardwalk Empire – Ourselves Alone Review

When realizing that he might be losing control over Atlantic City, Nucky tries to figure out which one of his men betrayed him. When agents search the Treasurer’s Office for evidence, Margaret tries to dig into her past to help Nucky in the present.

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire continues to go from strength to strength. With the season premiere ending on such a cliffhanger, I knew that this episode was going to be interesting, but it still managed to exceed my expectations. The power struggles are certainly heating up in Atlantic City, and who knows which players will still be standing at the end of the season.

Ourselves Alone never lets up on the tension. Just as things seem like they might be settling down we move on to another plot thread which has high stakes of its own. The balance between the various storylines here is great, and none of them feel like they were deprived of any screen time. There is a lot happening in this episode, but there is much more being set up for the rest of the season, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

As with the every episode, the performances from the entire cast are spot on, but particular mention should be made of Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky, who shows us the power his character wields even when behind bars. Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) also steps up to the plate in this episode, and shows us why she is the perfect match for Nucky. I won’t spoil what happens, but suffice it to say that I think Margaret will be playing a much more active part in Nucky’s affairs from now on. She remains one of the best female characters on television, and it’s always a joy to see her continually surprising the powerful men who dismiss her as just another woman.

Ourselves Alone was a joy to watch, and continues to raise the high bar set by the season premiere. This season is headed for some big confrontations, and I can’t wait to see how they play out.

What I Liked – All the threads are starting to come together. Great performances. Extremely tense. Margaret stepping up to her new position.

What I Didn’t Like – Left me wanting more.

Rating – 5 out of 5 (Awesome)

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