Web Review – Dragon Age: Redemption – Tallis

‘Dragon Age: Redemption is a six-part web series set in the world of the EA/Bioware RPG Dragon Age. The series tells the story of Tallis, an Elvish assassin, who gets a last chance at redemption when she’s sent to capture a rogue Qunari mage intent on wreaking havoc in the world.

Dragon Age: Redemption

I’ve always been a big fan of Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise, and when I heard that they had approached Felicia Day to make a web series set in the game’s universe, I knew that we’d be getting something special. Day is a vocal fan of the series, and as the brains behind one of the Internet’s most popular web series (The Guild) she is definitely the right person for the job.

Day’s experience with the medium shows in every facet of Redemption; despite what was certainly a tiny budget, all of the costumes and locations look fantastic, and it’s easy to believe that you’ve been transported to the game’s world. Even the alien looking Qunari are done extremely well, they look a little odd at first but you don’t notice it after a while. This sort of fantasy setting can easily look fake and cheesy, but the great costuming combined with some great direction sell the show well enough that it’s easy to overlook anything that looks a little cheap. The addition of the wonderful Dragon Age soundtrack in the background also adds a great level of depth to the show.

Unfortunately, the story filling this great setting isn’t done nearly as well. The dialogue, generally one of Felicia Day’s greatest strengths – feels stilted at times and it doesn’t flow nearly as well as Day’s other works. The core story is simple, and I’m interested to see where things go, but I didn’t find myself all that invested in the characters. I think that this is one of the problems with trying to tell this kind of epic story in a web series format. The first episode has to communicate so much in a short amount of time (approximately 8 minutes here) that it ends up feeling rushed, and you don’t end up as interested in the world as you should. Given Felicia Day’s excellent track record, I’m confident that the story will find its legs pretty quickly, but it was a bit of a shaky start.

Overall, Dragon Age: Redemption is an impressive achievement. Pulling off such an elaborate shoot on a tiny budget demonstrates exactly why Felicia Day is regarded as one of the leading authorities on Web Series production. Unfortunately, the majority of the YouTube comments seem to either be criticising the show for not looking as good as a feature film, or praising it for how good Felicia Day looks in her armour. I’ve embedded the first episode below, but if you have some feedback, make sure to head over to the YouTube page and leave a comment.

What I Liked – Great costuming. Well Directed. Great soundtrack.

What I Didn’t Like – Felt like it was trying a bit hard. Some of the dialogue was hit and miss.

Rating – 3.5 out of 5 (Enjoyable)

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