Still the Greatest Man on the Internet

It has occurred to me today that some of you may have some difficulty in remembering how to smile. I hereby turn you over to our Master and Sage.

Happy Thursday.

It’s time to play some music…

If you have stumbled across this today, seeking some sense of relief from anxiety or fear regarding the world at this moment in time,

then please, even for just a moment, allow me to share that which never fails to make me smile.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Fozzie and Rowlf.

Hope that brightened your day…even just a little.

Be blessed.

TV Review – Community – Digital Exploration of Interior Design

Troy and Abed decide to build a pillow fort to rival their old blanket fort, while Jeff finds out he has a locker and Pierce and Shirley send Britta undercover to get dirt on Greendale’s new Subway.

Dean Pelton

Three episodes back into the second half of Community’s run, and it still feels so good to have it back. Continue reading