What’s been going on?

Hi All,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I haven’t posted any new reviews for a little over a week, and they had been a little irregular for a couple of weeks before that. Things had been a little busy lately which had cut down on my viewing time, but my schedule seemed to be getting back on track until last Thursday when the universe threw me a curveball.

To put it simply, my father passed away unexpectedly after a massive stroke on Thursday night. He was only 54. Needless to say, I haven’t exactly been at my best for the last week, and most of my time has been devoted to sorting out the remnants of his life.

But life goes on and hopefully things will settle down a bit now, giving me time to once again post up my regular reviews. I have a review of Real Steel which should be going up shortly, and I plan to continue my weekly reviews of Boardwalk Empire and Terra Nova. Lindz and I are also planning to do a collaborative play-through of the MMO DC Universe Online (which will be going Free to Play in a couple of weeks) posting our daily impressions up on the site. There are some other collaborative reviews that we are looking at over the coming months.

Things will still be a little hectic here, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to the daily schedule straight away, but hopefully things will get back to normal by November. If there is anything you’d particularly like to see reviewed, please post a comment below.